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March 18, 2019
First Responders Training Course Culminating Activity
March 18, 2019

12 municipalities chosen by Zuellig Family Foundation (ZFF)

The Municipality of Tinambac was one of the 12 municipalities chosen to partake in the Health Leaders for the Poor Program of the Zuellig Family Foundation (ZFF). Municipal Mayor Atty. Ruel B. Tuy, Municipal Councilor Hon. Veridiana P. Cortan and Municipal Health Officer Dr. Francisco B. Severo IV were the leaders who went through the rigorous training modules and practicums aiming to equipped leaders of appropriate, efficient and innovative approach to battle health inequities.
Mentored and assisted by DOH – Development Management Officer Ms. Josephine Batalla and by ZFF through Ms. Lou Ann, Sir Richmond and Sir Jescir, our leaders have successfully formulated and implemented a Social Innovation. Because of this, Tinambac was recognized as one of the OUTSTANDING municipalities during the March 8, 2019 Community Health Partnership Program Colloquium at the Heritage Hotel Manila.
Through the health challenges (remaining and emerging) that Tinambac is faced with, our innovative leaders is committed to continue the fight to improve the health outcomes of our municipality together with our Health Partners, Health Personnel, the LGU family and all stakeholders.
This is not the end rather a commencement of another chapter in the pursuit to uplift the lives of ALL Tinambacqueños.