Angat Buhay
March 18, 2019
12th General Assembly of Persons With Disability
March 18, 2019

Enhanced Vegetable Production Program II

Mga kahimanwa, iyo po ini an storya kun tano ang programa sa agrikultura kan satong Lokal na Gobyerno sa pamamayo ni Alkalde Ruel Brioso Tuy sa paagi kan Enhanced Vegetable Production Program, nakaresibe bilang saro sa mga Top 10 Special Awardees sa interong 32 Local Government Units na nagpartisipar hale sa Luzon, Visayas, asin Mindanao kan nakaaging Angat Buhay Bridging Leadership Graduation and Awarding Ceremony na pinag gibo sa Sulo Riviera Hotel, Diliman, Quezon City.
Ini po sarong prayoridad na programa sa agrikultura kan Lokal na Gobyerno kan Banwaan nin Tinambac sa pamamayo ni Alkalde Ruel Brioso Tuy.
“Tatay Joven used to be a jeepney driver. Now, he works full-time as a farmer and earned Php 250,000 from the sale of his produce for one cropping season alone! This is a story that the LGU of Tinambac, under the leadership of Mayor Ruel Tuy and with assistance from the Office of the Vice President’s #Omasenso program under #AngatBuhay wants to replicate across the country. Mayor Tuy’s Enhanced Vegetable Production Program II (EVPP) helped farmers in Tinambac use idle lands and create a federation that strategically plans what crops to plant. The message of hope that this project wants to share with the entire country? Farming can truly be financially rewarding.”
(A very inspiring story from the Bridging Leadership Program for Rural Development of the Office of the Vice President Leni G.Robredo)