Financial Assistance for General PTA Fees (Banga Elementary School)
August 16, 2021
PTA fees Assistance (San Antonio Elementary School)
August 16, 2021

PTA fees Assistance (Magsaysay National High School)

Last August 10, in addition to the Barangay Officials of Magsaysay under the leadership of Barangay Captain Noli Ignao, PTA Officials, Maestros, Maestras and the School Leaders, Mayor Atty. Ruel Brioso Tuy, Vice Mayor Belle Prades, and all members of the Sangguniang Bayan to distribute financial assistance from our local government for the General PTA Fees of the children of Magsaysay Elementary School, amounting to Php.51,150.00 and Magsaysay National High School, amounting to Php. 57,800.00 as part of the priority education program of the Tinambac local government under the Tinambacqueño Student Assistance (ASSET) PLUS Program. 

Along with providing financial assistance, we will also provide toilet bowls for twenty (20) recipients who need them at the request of our local government by the Barangay Health Workers of Barangay Magsaysay. 

The provision of financial assistance to all schools in the town will continue in the following days. Our local government will also continue to complete projects in all 44 barangays of the town.