Issuance of Service Record
January 8, 2019
Issuance of requested certified copy of personnel records (Appointment, PDS, Contract of Service, SALN, NOSA/NOSI & other related document)
January 8, 2019

Issuance of Certificate of Employment

Schedule of availability of service:

Monday to Friday      –           8:00-5:00 PM without noon break

 Who may avail of the service?

Government officials & employees (active or in-active)of the Local Government Unit of Tinambac.


Certificate of Employment:

 For active employee (presently employed)

  1. Register in the Logbook for requested document

                        For in-active employee (retired/resigned/separated/terminated/ deceased)

  1. Letter-request
  2. Register in the logbook for requested document

 How to avail of the Service:

1. The applicant/client will register in the log-book for requested doc. If the document requested is through a representative, the client shall present a letter request.   2 min. Leticia H. Abiog none 2ndflr., HRM office
2.   The service provider will prepare the document such as, retrieval, researching, encoding & printing. 7 min. Joan B. Peñas    
3.   The service provider will review & certify as to the correctness of the record/document. 3 min Melody B. Velarde    
4.    The service provider will release the record/document. 2 min. Bermil B. Demesa    
5. Client will receive the requested record/ document.   1 min      

* active employee – (still in service)

** in-active employee- (not in service, retired, resigned, terminated or deceased)