Issuance of Certificate of Employment
January 8, 2019
Supply of Labor, Materials and Equipment for Concreting of Banga to San Roque Core Access Road Section at Banga
January 9, 2019

Issuance of requested certified copy of personnel records (Appointment, PDS, Contract of Service, SALN, NOSA/NOSI & other related document)

Schedule of availability of service:

Monday to Friday      –           8:00-5:00 PM without noon break

 Who may avail of the service?

Government officials & employees (active or in-active) in the Local Government Unit of Tinambac, Camarines for purposes of payment of salary/wages, retirementbenefits, leave

benefits, loans & other related purposes.


            Certificate of Employment:

 For active employee (presently employed)

  1. Register in the Logbook for requested document

                        For in-active employee (retired/resigned/separated/terminated/ deceased)

  1. Letter-request
  2. Register in the logbook for requested document

How to avail of the Service:

1. The applicant/client will register in the logbook for requested doc. If the document requested is through a representative, the client shall present a letter request.   2 min. Leticia H. Abiog/

Elna Crizza DA. Medina

none 2ndflr., HRM office
2.   The service provider will retrieve & prepare the document. 12 min. Pamela C. Paulino/

Joan B. Peñas

3.   The service provider will review & certify the copy of the document. 3 min Melody B. Velarde    
4.    The service provider will release the record/document. 2 min. Bermil B. Demesa    
5. Client will receive the requested record/document.   1 min      

* active employee – (still in service)

**in-active employee- (not in service, retired, resigned, terminated or deceased)