Piecemeal or Advance Submission of OCRG Documents thru Electronic Endorsement as per client request due to urgent need
January 7, 2019
Out-of-Town Reporting Scheme for Vital Events that occurred in this municipality or in other towns/cities
January 7, 2019

Endorsement to PSA of Annotated document for Approved RA 9048 and RA 10172; Legal Instrument and Supplemental Report

Schedule of availability of Service:

Monday to Friday        –         8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (without noon break)

       Fee/s: P 165.00 – Annotated Document

P   65.00 – Post Office mailing

P 210.00 – LBC mailing

P 165.00 – Issuance of certification of registration for LI only


  • Money Order Check for request of SECPA Copy


Steps Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration Person in Charge Form
1 Submit the registered Court Order / Decision & Adoption for endorsement  together with attachments Received Court Order / Decision & Adoption with attachments. Prepare annotated document / amended Birth Certificate. Require client to pay prescribed fee and to secure money order check for request of SECPA copy of documents with annotation. 10-20 minutes MCR
2 Pay required fee at the Cashier/MTO Received payment and issue Official Receipt (OR) Cashier/MTO OR
3 Present OR to the MCRO. Received OR. Prepare endorsement letter and attachments. Release client’s copy of endorsed documents. 10-20 minutes Officer of the day (OD)/Clerk
4 Received documents and fill-out the monitoring sheet.   3-5 minutes
  Mail document to PSA Manila thru public or private courier as per client’s preference. 5 working days MCR