Change of First Name/Correction of Clerical Error (R.A. 9048 and R.A. 10172)
January 7, 2019
Endorsement to PSA of Annotated document for Approved RA 9048 and RA 10172; Legal Instrument and Supplemental Report
January 7, 2019

Piecemeal or Advance Submission of OCRG Documents thru Electronic Endorsement as per client request due to urgent need

Thru Electronic Endorsement as per client request due to urgent need.

Schedule of availability of Service:

Monday to Friday         –        8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M. (without noon break)

        Fee/s: P 150.00 – Endorsement fee


  • Documents to be endorsed
  • Previously registered documents – PSA negative certification


Steps Applicant/Client Service Provider Duration Person in Charge Form
For Old and Newly registered Birth, Marriage and Death.  
1 Request for endorsement of documents. Received request. Require to pay prescribed fee. 2-3 minutes Officer of the day (OD)/Clerk
2 Pay required fee at the Cashier/MTO Received payment and issue Official Receipt (OR) Cashier/MTO OR
3 Present OR to the MCRO. Received OR. Prepare endorsement letter and attachments. Release client’s copy of endorsed documents. 10-20 minutes Officer of the day (OD)/Clerk
4 Received documents and fill-out the monitoring sheet.   3-5 minutes
  Mail document to PSA Manila thru public or private courier as per client’s preference. 5 working days MCR