Enhanced and innovative civil registration system in preserving the integrity of documents and continuous development of strategies to enrich responsive and effective provision of services.


To provide civil registration services with the highest degree of accuracy and correctness guided by the implementing civil laws and regulation and to serve the populace of Tinambac with integrity, efficiency and competence regardless of their class, beliefs and culture.


  • To provide the basic services on civil registration in accordance with the applicable rules and regulations of the government.


Registration of Vital Events that affects the Civil Status of an Individual

  • Certificate of Live Birth

          On Time: 30 days from date of birth

          Delayed: Beyond 30 days from date of birth

  • Certificate of Death

          On Time: 30 days from date of death

          Delayed: Beyond 30 days from date of death

  • Certificate of Marriage

          On time: marriage with marriage license (15 days from date of marriage)

  • Marriage with exceptional character, ex. Arts. 34, 27, 28 & 33 (30 days from the date of marriage)

          Delayed: beyond the given period in timely registration

Legal Instrument

  • Affidavit of Admission of Paternity/Affidavit of Acknowledgement
  • Affidavit of Legitimation
  • Affidavit to use the surname of the father
  • Other Registrable Legal Instruments

Verification of Records

Application for Marriage License

Supplemental Report (Birth, Death, Marriage and Fetal death)

Change of First Name/Correction of Clerical Error (R.A. 9048 and R.A. 10172)

Piecemeal or Advance Submission of OCRG Documents thru Electronic Endorsement as per client request due to urgent need

Endorsement to PSA of Annotated document for Approved RA 9048 and RA 10172; Legal Instrument and Supplemental Report

Out-of-Town Reporting Scheme for Vital Events that occurred in this municipality or in other towns/cities

Response to queries/assistance on Civil Registration Matters/Consultancy Services