A comprehensive and unified health care system for the people of Tinambac.


To ensure quality health among the people of Tinambac and its neighbouring towns through a well managed health system.


  • Tinambac Municipal Hospital was created based on the actual experience in this municipality, that some patients under emergency cases suffer much of their illnesses because of unavailability of a hospital to provide health care and due to the distance of this town to the nearby hospital some patient even loss their lives with this the administration came up to establish a hospital in order to address the health needs of the people. By virtue of Republic Act 7609 and Administrative Order No. 70, series of 2002, Tinambac Municipal Hospital was constructed and designed on January 3, 2002. Tinambac Municipal Hospital was established to provide emergency treatment and care to the sick and injured as well as clinical care and management to the monthers and new born babies, Its started to render service on March 8, 2004 and was granted by the Department of Health its License to Operate on February 4, 2005.



(under normal condition)

1. General Consultation, Emergency Treatment and Minor Medical Case 20 minutes OPD, Midwife on duty, Medical Officer on duty, Medical Technologist, X-ray Technician, Cashier, Social Worker

2. Admission of hospital in-patient


30 minutes

OPD, Midwife on duty, Nursing Attendant on duty, ER Nurse on duty, Ward nurse on duty, Medical Officer on duty
3. Laboratory and Medical Exams 15 minutes X-ray Technician, Medical Technologist
4. Disposition and Discharge of Patients Medical Officer on duty, Ward Nurse, Billing Clerk, Philhealth Clerk, Social Worker, Cashier
5. Preparation of Certificate of Live Birth 15 minutes GemmalynTedria
6. Preparation of Death Certificate 10 minutes Cashier, OPD, Medical Officer on Duty
7. Issuance of Medical Certificate. (Out-Patient) 12 minutes Nursing Attendant, Cashier, Medical Officer on Duty
8. Issuance of Medico Legal (Out-Patient) 15 minutes