Issuance of Tax Bill
January 7, 2019
January 7, 2019

Issuance of Business License

Schedule of Availability of service:

Monday-Friday           –           8:00-5:00 PM without noon break

Who may avail of the service:

Business Owner’s/proprietor and the Public Clientele

 Requirements for all kind/type of business operation:

 For newly started business:

  1. Location Sketch of the new business.
  2. Paid-up capital of a business as shown in the Articles of Corporation, if a corporation, or partnership or a sworn statement of the capital invested by the owner or operator, if soleproprietorship
  1. A certificate attesting to tax exemption if the business is exempted-BIR
  2. Certification from Officer in charge of zoning that the location of the new business in accordance with zoning regulations-MPDC.
  3. Tax clearance showing that the operator has paid all tax obligation in the municipality including the Real Property tax-MTO
  4. Three passport size pictures of the owner or operator or in the case of partnership or corporation, the picture the senior or managing partner and that of the president and general manager
  1. Barangay Clearance
  2. Certificate of Occupancy of the building to be occupied-Eng. Department
  3. Fire Safety inspection certificate-BFP
  4. CTC (Cedula)-MTO

For the Renewal of existing Business Permit

  1. Previous year Mayor’s Permit
  2. A copy of the Annual or quarterly tax payments-MTO
  3. Copy of all receipt showing payments of all regulatory fees as provided for in this ordinance.
  4. Sworn statement of the capital investment and annual gross sale or receipts for the previous years.
  5. Certificate of tax exemption from those concerned if the business is tax exempt-BIR
  6. Real Property Tax Clearance-MTO
  7. Certificate of occupancy of the building to be occupied.
  8. Fire Safety Inspection Certificate-BFP
  9. CTC-(Cedula)

Operation/Establishment of VIDEOKE

  1. Barangay Clearance
  2. Location or Vicinity Map
  3. Fire Inspection Certificate-BFP
  4. Sanitary Inspection Permit-RHU I
  5. Health Certificate of Food Handlers, Waitress, Waiter and cook-RHU I
  6. Certificate of Occupancy-MPDC
  7. CTC (Cedula)


1. Client will secure the Mun. Business License Permit and Assessment Slip.   2 minutes Susana Guerrero; Eliseo Villegas and Benedicto Hermogeno    
2.   Make assessment depending on the nature of the business capitalization, etc. 5 minutes Susana Guerrero; Eliseo Villegas and Benedicto Hermogeno Based on Mun. Tax Ordinance MTO-1stflr. Municipal Building
3. Pay for business license permit   2 minutes Susana Guerrero; Eliseo Villegas and Benedicto Hermogeno    
4.   Issuance necessary documents for signature of the client and issue official receipt. 5 minutes Susana Guerrero; Eliseo Villegas and Benedicto Hermogeno    
5. Client will sign the documents needed for the issuance of Mayor’s Permit   2 minutes Susana Guerrero; Eliseo Villegas and Benedicto Hermogeno    
6. Preparation of documents and forwarded to the Mayor’s Office for approval and signature of the Mayor   10 minutes Susana Guerrero; Eliseo Villegas and Benedicto Hermogeno    
7.   MO staff will prepare the Mayor’s Permit and duly sign of

the mayor and return to MTO.

5 minutes Janice Belesta and Glenda Llaneta   MO-2ndflr. Mun. Bldg.
8.   Receive and record to the logbook the Mayors permit for release 5 minutes Susana Guerrero    
9. Client receives the documents and affix his/her signature on the logbook to acknowledge receipt.   1 minute      
10.   Issue and deliver the permits for far flung barangays. Under normal condition Eliseo Villegas and Benedicto Hermogeno III   Far flung barangays